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Flair and Sophie were the horses David learnt to ride on and now rides only occasionally.

Photos thanks to Andy Hope who is on the horse and Rachel White.


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Here are a selection of our hobbies, projects or interests

This is a photograph of David's Oldest RNIB Talking Book members who became friends. It was taken by David on Norah Clayes' (on the left) 105th Birthday. Her sister, Joyce Claye was 101 at the time. Sadly, Norah died on the 22nd November 2000 after a fall and Joyce died this last year aged 103.

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David's Main work is to co-ordinate the servicing of Talking Books in Gloucestershire.

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radiowhite.jpg (8109 bytes) David likes Radio 3
Betty is keen on Keep Fit and Gardening (Thank Goodness)

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Cheltenham Spa

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