Michael and Karen

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Julie with her first baby, Jack born on the 24th March 2005

(Please click the photos for the high quality version)

Proud Mum


and just Jack at 3 days old

 Jack and his presents

February 2006

Jack (a delight and real character), Grandad Mike and Nanny Karen

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Congratulations Janet and Daniel on your first baby, Marcus born on the 20th August 2004

(Please click the photos for the high quality version)

Proud Mum and Dad

Marcus - Spiky Hair

Nanny Karen

Grandad Mike

Great Grandad

Great Nanny

and your second baby, Charlie born on the 7th December 2006

Click pictures for a larger image

A few hours old

Content after a feed

Proud brother Marcus

Sleeping like a baby should

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Different ones to come later with a little less blur !!

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Janet and Daniel's Wedding - August 2002

(Pictures by Keith and Paul Bennoson)

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Some Other Pictures of the Day




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